LUNCH Mon 29.5. - FRI 2.6.

Week's lunch menu
Mon-Fri 11am-2.30pm

 Allergies and special diets are noted in the menu.

Rhubarb & pike-perch ceviche with dill youghurt

Grilled beef sirloin steak with Café de Paris butter

Strawberry & white chocolate tartlet

32 €

Lunch a la carte

Croque Monsieur / Madame

15€ / 17€

Falafel with Baba ganoush

Burger of the week:

Gruyere cheese & truffle aioli



Salad of the week:
Halloumi cheese & strawberry


Side salad


We keep the rights to make changes. You can require more details by calling the restaurant +358300300314.

Available from Thursday to Friday from 3pm onwards,
on Saturdays from 4pm onwards

Menu of the week Thu 1.6.- Sat 3.6.

Menu is offered to the whole table. Allergies and special diets will be noted in the menu


Roasted cauliflower with sugar pea pesto


Crayfish risotto


Pan-fried whitefish with summer potatoes & chanterelle sauce


Semolina pancake with strawberries

52 €

All rights to changes reserved


Roasted cauliflower with sugar pea pesto

12,00 €

Beef carpaccio with  bell pepper mayonnaise & black pepper pecorino

15,00 €

Grilled octopus with panzanella salad

16,00 €

Pike-perch and rhubarb ceviche with dill youghurt

15,00 €


Grilled beef entrecôte with Cafe de Paris butter and summer potatoes or house salad

36,00 €

Catch of the week

30,00 €

Pan-fried beef liver with summer potatoes & creamy chanterelle sauce

26,00 €

Grilled chickpea and halloumi cheese patty with radish slaw

24,00 €


Semolina pancake with strawberries


10,00 €

Almond & meringue cake with rhubarb

10,00 €

Cheese selection with cherry compote


10,00 €



Villa Lilla offers brunch on Saturdays starting at 11am with seatings at 11am, 11.30am, 12am, 1pm and 1.30pm. We will serve you a delicious 3 course brunch menu with season's best ingredients. The menu includes an assortment of shareable starters, mouthwatering main course and a small sweet to finish it all off. Allergies and special diets are noted always personally. We keep all the rights to possible changes.


E.g.: Fresh foccacia
Cheese and season's chutney
Day's fish and crayfish skagen
House cold cuts
Roasted and marinated vegetables
Roasted pepper and feta dip

Marinated olives
Season's fruits 


Potato salad with sugar pea pesto and

Grillattua flank steakia/Lohta/Portobellopihvi



Strawberry & white chocolate tartlet

33 €