LUNCH Mon 2.10. - Fri 7.10.

Week's lunch menu
Mon-Fri 11am-2.30pm

 Allergies and special diets are noted in the menu.

Steak tartare with crispy shallots & capers aioli

Pan-fried catch of the day with cep mushroom sauce

Lemon mud cake

32 €

Lunch a la carte


Steak tartare with crispy shallots & capers aioli



8,00 €



Pan-fried catch of the day with cep mushroom sauce

Pork loin schnitzel with potato mash

Butternut squash risotto with falafel   

Steak tartare with crispy shallots & capers aioli



22,00 €

17,00 €

12,70 €

12,70 €



Lemon mud cake


7,00 €

We keep the rights to make changes. You can require more details by calling the restaurant +358300300314.

Available from Thursday to Friday from 3pm onwards,
on Saturdays from 4pm onwards

Menu of the week Thu 28.09.- Sat 30.09.

Menu is offered to the whole table. Allergies and special diets will be noted in the menu


Hummus with marinated vegetables


Butternut squash risotto


Pan-fried trout with truffle flavoured potato pure


Lemon mud cake

52 €

All rights to changes reserved


Cep risotto with Taleggio cheese

15,00 €

Crayfish & avocado salad

15,00 €

Salmon pastrami with fennel

15,00 €

Lamb flatbread with tsatsiki

15,00 €


Aubergine pasta with black pepper pecorino cheese

24,00 €

Catch of the week:


30,00 €

Pan-fried beef liver with roasted cabbage & apple pure

26,00 €

Slow roasted lamb neck with root vegetables and honey porter sauce

29,00 €


Almond cake with black currant


11,00 €

Caramelized apple with calvados mousse

11,00 €

Cheese selection with gooseberry chutney


11,00 €


BRUNCH 7.10.

Villa Lilla offers brunch on Saturdays starting at 11am with seatings at 11am, 11.30am, 12am, 1pm and 1.30pm. We will serve you a delicious 3 course brunch menu with season's best ingredients. The menu includes an assortment of shareable starters, mouthwatering main course and a small sweet to finish it all off. Allergies and special diets are noted always personally. We keep all the rights to possible changes.


E.g.: Fresh foccacia
Cheese and season's chutney
Day's fish and crayfish skagen
House cold cuts
Roasted and marinated vegetables
Roasted pepper and feta dip

Marinated olives
Season's fruits 


Beetroot risotto & lemon youghurt with

Black Angus brisket/Catch of the day/Falafel






33 €