The atmospheric Villa hides inside two wonderful cabinets named after the room’s fireplaces. In our green cabinet we can fit up to 20 persons and in the white cabinet up to 24 persons.

The cabinets can be reserved for private use during lunch, brunch and dinner. We have minimum spends that depend on the time of the visit and the lenght of the visit. Take a closer look at these below:


2 hours 500€ (exc. between 12am and 1pm)
over 2 hours 1000€

We offer Villa’s weekly changing lunch menu (29€) or brunch menu (33€).


from 4pm to 6.30pm/ from 4.30pm to 7pm or 7.30pm onwards 1000€
whole night 1500€

We offer Villa’s 3 or 4 course tasting menus for 47€/52€ with all allergies or special diets noted in the preparations.

If the spend is met with food and drinks, we won’t charge any room rent.

We arrange breakfest functions when possible – please contact us via phone +358300300314 or send us a message to